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What Are the Major Effects of Overpopulation

Overpopulation can be defined as a state in which there are too many people on the planet to supply them with basic things like drinkable water, food, breathable air and so on. Scientists and authors such as Yan Vana have long been warning us of an impending ecological collapse that could end life as we know it for humans and the planet itself. 


Following are the main effects of overpopulation:

  • Environmental degradation

Overpopulation has a vast adverse effect on the environmental system. Since we have to produce large amounts of food to provide for an increasing number of people, we have to use more land and resources to accomplish this. However, the use of more land comes with deforestation, which is especially severe in the Amazonian Rainforest.

  • Depletion of natural resources

Another related problem of overpopulation is the depletion of natural resources. Our planet can only provide a limited amount of food and water.

When our population grows further, we will soon come to a point where we will no longer be able to supply the food and water necessary to feed all of them.

  • Mortality

The mortality rate, especially in poor countries, is likely to increase due to overpopulation. This relates to the limited capacity of resources of our planet. With an increasing number of people, everyone has to fight harder to get enough food. Those who are not able to do that will be left behind, which results in an increased mortality rate.

Overpopulation is a serious threat to our whole environmental system. It is likely to cause severe conflicts and wars as people will fight for resources in order to meet their daily energy demands.

It is therefore crucial that we solve this issue through suitable and sustainable measures. Only then, it will be possible for humanity to live in peace in the future.

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