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Use Direct Fed Microbials For Your Cow

Directly Fed Microbes (DFMs) are a source of natural living microorganisms that are used as feed additives in the dairy industry.

Consisting primarily of beneficial bacteria and live fungi (yeast), DFM is recommended for use in cattle to help alleviate gastric dysfunction and feeding effects, as well as to improve feed efficiency, health, and cow productivity.

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Dairy cows typically experience reduced feed intake during the transition period, creating a negative energy balance and making them more susceptible to invasion by pathogens or "opportunistic" pathogens.

Dairy farmers typically switch cows to a higher grain diet soon after giving birth to increase energy intake, which helps create a more acidic stomach environment.

This scenario can guarantee the use of DFM. A recent field study found that feeding DFM slightly increased milk production and constituents, and significantly reduced the need for antibiotic treatment in cows in their second postpartum lactation.

Although the use of DFM is successful in cows early in lactation, the benefits are variable. Different types and combinations of bacteria and yeast were used.

This may have contributed to the better positive DFM response seen in this study. Dairy farmers should consider the following points when deciding whether to use DFM in feed for transition cattle, such as:

-Find out about the composition of DFM products, including bacterial strains and recommended dosages.

-Find out if a DFM product has been evaluated through controlled research studies.

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