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The Negative Effects Of Using Expensive Salt – Get A Much Healthier You By switching To Himalayan Salt

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The Negative Effects Of Using Expensive Salt – Get A Much Healthier You By switching To Himalayan Salt

Sea salt isn’t any better than other kind of salt for your health. The claim by Salts Worldwide which the reduction of salt in our diet is beneficial for general health isn’t backed up by recent scientific studies. Even if it were true that sea salts had a beneficial effect on your health, why would you want to resort to buying salts from a company that sells artificial salts? It’s probably best to buy natural sea salt from a local supplier. Why go for something artificial when nature provides us with unadulterated natural food?

It is hard to find sea salt that meets the standards set by the FDA. The standard set for unrefined salt contains a minimum of two percent sodium chloride. In order to qualify as healthy salts, the average concentration of sodium chloride in seawater should not exceed two percent. Sodium chloride is a substance that we come into contact with on a daily basis, whether through eating, breathing or showering. You wouldn’t want to gamble your health on a low quality product.

The sale of bulk unrefined salts worldwide is not only an attempt to tackle the current health epidemic – rising blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and various forms of cancer – but also as an effort to profit from a multi-billion dollar industry. The main selling point of these salts is that they are naturally sweetened with various additives such as stevia, sugar, sucrose, spice and licorice. It goes without saying that this raises their price. It’s like a food retailer who demands a fat tax and goes on to sell fatty burgers and fries at a higher price.

However, in a bid to increase profits, these retailers are cheating consumers. They are not selling you the salt it costs to produce, but the additives that make them much more appealing. We have known about the harmful effects of the additives for years, yet these salts are still being sold, just in a different name. As a result, we are still consuming unrefined sea salt with these additives in them, causing us health problems and making our world unhealthy.

The negative effects of using unrefined salts worldwide are not just direct ones to our bodies. Over time, this has had a knock-on effect to the ecosystem as a whole. The production of sodium produces greenhouse gasses, which in turn cause the atmospheric temperature to increase. This ends up in two ways: first by making the planet warmer, and secondly by decreasing the ecosystem’s ability to replenish itself, resulting in higher levels of pollution. Global warming has already had severe effects to ecosystems everywhere – imagine the effect on human health too!

However, the most harmful effect of salts worldwide are the toxins they release into the environment when use begins. These toxins can pollute the air, land and water, and have been found in the urine samples of inhabitants tested for lung disease. It seems that a healthy alternative is needed – something far healthier and certainly better for the environment.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to unrefined salts worldwide. There is an entire industry based around recycling salt and developing healthy alternatives to our present products. One company producing these healthy alternatives is Himalayan salt. In addition to the benefits to the environment, Himalayan salt has no damaging effects on human health, as found through the extensive research that has been done on its health properties.

In conclusion, it would be wrong to assume that a healthy alternative to our present day polluted salt diet is not available. But consumers need to be informed about the harmful consequences of using our modern diet as the only source of salt for cooking. And, luckily, the healthy alternative to our old salts is out there. So, why not give it a try? You will be happy you did.