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Making Healthy Food Choices In Your Busy Life!

As you know – I had a healthy stroke… so today I have some tips on how to prepare healthy meals to help you along the road to a better life!

You'll love that a busy life doesn't mean every meal has to be fast food on the go! Making healthy changes can be difficult at times, but with a little planning and expertise, it can be done.

You already know the importance of choosing healthy foods for you and your family. But how can you incorporate the best options into your busy life?

Here are some strategies to help you and your family make healthy choices: You can get more choices on healthy food by visiting

1. Make dinner a social experience.

Dinner is supposed to be about enjoying your company and enjoying the food you eat.

Dinner becomes a great experience when you can enjoy healthy food together. Take time to eat with your family and enjoy real conversation with each other. Conversation, of course, slows down your eating speed as you reconnect with your family members.

2. Avoid temptation.

It's easy to walk into a store with good intentions but leave with bags of junk food. Unfortunately, our willpower is weak, especially if we have learned to buy trash over the years.

* Consider healthier alternatives to your family's favourite junk food. Instead of high-calorie chips, try courses or rice cakes. Low-calorie pudding or frozen yoghurt are better alternatives to high-fat ice cream.

* Never shop when you are hungry. That way, you won't make unhealthy decisions because they looked good at the time.

* Get rid of junk food in your home. If they're not there, you won't be tempted to eat them.

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