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Know About The Different Methods For Printing Your T-Shirt

There are lots of printing methods readily available for your shirt design. Deciding on the best one for you will be simple as soon as you browse through the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.

1. Screen Printing

This is an affordable method to make professional high-quality and high-volume t-shirts.

Screen printing is also a favorite pastime for enthusiastic do-it-your-self professionals. The process for t-shirt screen printing is really simple: a design is transferred into a display print framework pre-treated with emulsion and the layout is then moved to the t-shirt by implementing the ink via the framework to the t-shirt.

The majority of the picture t-shirts you find in shops today are produced utilizing the screen printing system.

2. Vinyl cut printing

This is the best print alternative for t-shirts that need individual numbers or words or letters.

Vinyl cut is a t-shirt printing method that requires the use of heat when transferring a design on a tee. The design is cut into heat transport vinyl and then ironed on the t shirt. This can be best used for layouts which have limited colours and individual words and numbers. You can get the services of vinyl t-shirt printing at

Vinyl Printing

Lots of shops provide vinyl cut printing kits for those that wish to give it a try at the comfort of their own homes. If you would like to produce your own, you can purchase the heat transport plastic then cut out your layout employing a Cricut™ machine.

3. DTG printing (Direct to Garment Printing)

DTG printing is your very best printing way of multi-color t-shirt designs and bigger orders.

This t-shirt printing method entails printing directly with a digital printer on the selected media. Considering that the picture is mechanized and does not demand as much prep time as screen printing, it’s cost effective for small t-shirt printing orders.

Whether you are likely to take part in large-scale printing manufacturing or whether you are targeting the short-run and little purchase market, choose a t-shirt printing process that will work best for you and your target audience.

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