Gerald Posted on 11:15 pm

How to Increase Website Traffic – Get Your Site listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo!

If you are just starting out on the World Wide Web, you probably realize that there are literally thousands of websites trying to sell you something. There is no doubt that this can get extremely overwhelming and frustrating for a newbie. This article will discuss why increased website traffic is so important.

increase website traffic

What good is quality content if nobody reads it or uses it in any way? That is the million dollar question. So what are some great ways to increase website traffic without spending a penny? Free and paid ways to drive traffic to your website by being an influencer. Influencers are like promoters, but they do not have to spend a dime to do it.

There are hundreds of small and large companies who use these free ways to increase website traffic. You could be one of them. It does not even take much work. You can start with social media marketing. If you don’t have an account at Facebook or Twitter, start one right away.

The most popular and effective social media sites for driving traffic are Facebook and twitter. The reason for this is because you can set up free Facebook and twitter accounts. Now I know you may think that this sounds silly because everybody is on Facebook and twitter already, but that is the case for most websites. The more social media profiles you have, the more people will find your website from their profiles. Now how do you get listed on these sites?

This is the big question that you have to answer when learning how to increase website traffic. The most effective and free ways to increase traffic to your website with these two giant search engines is to submit your website to the major search engines. Now you are probably saying to yourself that you have seen Google’s traffic stats, and they are pretty amazing. Yes, they are, however you want to get your site listed on Google because they are the most frequently used search engines.

There are other ways to increase website traffic by building backlinks. This is a big topic that I won’t get into in this article, and instead I will tell you why you should spend some time getting backlinks. In my opinion, the best way to build back links is to write articles. So if you want to increase website traffic and build backlinks, then article marketing is your best option.