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Himalayan Pink Salt and Your Health

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Himalayan Pink Salt and Your Health

Himalayan pink salt is salt harvested from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is the most commonly used salt in the world and is often found in every kitchen and bathroom salt shaker. It is also one of the most expensive natural substances known to man. Many people use this pink salt in cooking, baking, and even for cosmetic purposes.

The Himalayan pink salt is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan where it is traditionally used as a salt alternative to normal table salt. This salt is heavily used as a cooking salt and for food presentation and decorative purposes, however, the salt has also been used as an ionic element for medical purposes by those in the alternative healing community. The medical trace elements present in the salt include calcium, chromium, iron, cobalt, manganese, and potassium. The slightly different color is caused by minerals that have been suspended in the water and the fact that the water has been purified through reverse osmosis.

Salt lamps are popular alternative therapies that utilize the healing properties of natural minerals found in rocks and ancient ruins. This pink salt crystal salt lamp is an ancient healing device first discovered by the ancient Hindus in ancient India. The Hindu monks of India used the crystal salt lamps as their source of light. There have been numerous reports of health benefits attributed to this pink salt lamp and the salt lamps continue to be a mainstay source of light for many healers.

Pink Himalayan salt crystal lamps are available for purchase on the Internet and in stores where traditional salt crystal lamps are sold. The colors range from blue to red, pink to gold and green to purple. Crystals are mined primarily in Himachal Pradesh, India and China. Many of the salts found in India are unrefined and are harvested by machines. The process used to refine Himalayan pink salt crystals includes heating; however, it is difficult to control the mineral content of each crystal and therefore, there is some controversy as to the ultimate purity of the Himalayan pink salt.

Many people are not aware that Himalayan pink salt comes in such a wide variety of natural colors that they can be used for various purposes. One is that they will make the table salt in your kitchen look more festive. Not only will it add a great decorative touch to your cooking but it can also be used as an alternative to table salt when you do not want the salt or anything natural to come into contact with food.

Salt is often purchased in the name of a natural alternative to sodium chloride. Many people have become accustomed to buying table salt based on its color but Himalayan pink salt is a better alternative because of its many benefits. It has long been recognized as an essential dietary mineral and has been used for curing for years in many traditional societies. Its many benefits are a stark contrast to the negative reputation that sodium chloride table salt has received.