Best Love Status and Quotes for Whatsapp & FB 2018

love status

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The situation of love is defined as an emotional reflection for someone. Set a beautiful position about love in your WhatsApp and Facebook profiles, and look for an indirect way to tell them about your feelings. Love status in Hindi is best for writing your own heart language, helping you to write your extra feelings for that special person and best person. We make a good list of love and beautiful conditions for our visitors here.

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Love status

Can not say by writing, we can talk about one thing, something that remained visible from sight.

Lips on the laughter … Humidity in the eyes … It is my heart that is wet.

The day has passed, the night has passed, the murderer

The truth is that there is no limit to the happiness of the people, see my countless livelihoods, they and that alone

Complimenting her who made this hood, made you hottie and made me naughty

Oh god Change one’s luck, give it to me or give it to me

Ishaq and Ibadat should keep clear

I want to screw you in your wait, I want to meet you at my meeting.

Love you more than you think

You have the same thoughts that we smile on the paths

The relationship between you and my heart is so strange that the miles of distances are still the nearest you

You have a habit of hurting the heart and ours too is to make you a bride

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If you are stolen from the heart and have come back from a big payday, then you will also take away my life.

The days are coming closer to catastrophe since they are smiling at seeing us

I love you when I say I will leave you and say that I will let you go then

We do not have any way in your intoxicating eyes but do not even mislead us

Those who have a relationship with God, their untold things are also realized.

Love status cute

Everyone said good thought, it would be good, I started thinking about you, now who is good to you for me

Can I write your name Write heart or write life? Stole the tears and write your name every happiness

The heart got real happiness when he said the options are so but the decision is only you

Ask whether it beats you from morning or evening, just by your name

They are all alike, both of us do not end their anger and my love


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