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“Ahead meaning Hindi“: आगे (aage)

Hindi Meaning Ahead, Ahead meaning in Hindi, Ahead – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Ahead Hindi. Ahead in Hindi.

Ahead meaning in Hindi

  • आगे (aage)

Translations English To Hindi Ahead

  • आगे [further, ahead, antecedently]
  • सामने [front, Afore]
  • पहले से [previously, in advance]


  • Deba told the meeting that there is a huge amount of work to be undertaken in the months ahead.
  • Payel then visited the research groups to make sure that the work was moving ahead and that the results were of value to the agency that had made the request.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Ahead” in English To Hindi


  • आगे की ओर [frontward, abeam, frontwards, frontwise]
  • बढ़कर [ahead]
  • प्रगति की ओर [ahead]

Example: “Mrs. Raja, who with her husband and sons runs a thriving dairying farm, believes the new system will give farmers the freedom to plan ahead for the future.”

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Synonyms of Ahead

  • [beforehand, in advance forward]
  • [forrader, forwards]
  • [onwards, onward]

Example: “But looking ahead to the future, a scenario that we all fear is one in which the administration effectively ceases to function.”

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