Agreement meaning Hindi


“Agreement meaning Hindi“: समझौता (samajhauta)

Hindi Meaning Agreement, Agreement meaning in Hindi, Agreement – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Agreement Hindi. Agreement in Hindi.

Agreement meaning in Hindi

  • समझौता (samajhauta)

Translations English To Hindi Agreement

  • अनुबंध [contract, agreement, appendage]
  • समझौता [compromise, deal, settlement, conciliation]
  • सहमति [consent]


  • You have not honored this, as well as many verbal agreements that we had with each other.
  • Many current treatments of agreement assume that a noun phrase like “John” or “the book” has a single set of agreement features.
  • The drafts of the Two agreements that were current at the start of that month all provided for New York law.
  • They have been unable to reach agreement about how to achieve reform.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Agreement” in English To Hindi


  • शर्त [condition, prerequisite, stipulation]
  • सुलह [reconciliation, compromise, treaty]

Example: “The final source of health care law comes from the international agreements on human rights.”

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Synonyms of Agreement

  • accord, concurrence
  • consensus, acceptance
  • consent, endorsement

Example: “The hotel management and the council seem in agreement that cash is a palliative but not a panacea.”

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“Agreement meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Agreement

‘Agreement meaning Hindi‘: For the Agreement of money and Agreement definitions, similar to the translation of Hindi language and Agreement with the opposite word. Also, unintentional pronunciation is found in Hindi and English languages.

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