Aggravation meaning Hindi


“Aggravation meaning Hindi“: उत्तेजना (uttejana)

Hindi Meaning Aggravation, Aggravation meaning in Hindi, Aggravation – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Aggravation Hindi. Aggravation in Hindi.

Aggravation meaning in Hindi

  • उत्तेजना (uttejana)

Translations English To Hindi Aggravation

  • उत्तेजना [excitement, stimulation, stimulus, aggravation]
  • वृद्धि [increase, rise, growth, enlargement]
  • छेड़ छाड़ [aggravation]


  • These types of communities could avoid the detrimental impacts of urban sprawl, including aggravation of the region’s air quality problems.
  • When you fire a difficult customer, you’re just trading one set of aggravations for another.
  • Deba pitched in an extended spring training game last week with no further aggravation.
  • The latest figures show a certain aggravation on the inflation front, according to the report.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Aggravation” in English To Hindi


  • अपवृद्धि [aggravation]
  • अतिरेक [aggravation, exorbitance, overplus]
  • छेड़छाड़ [molestation, aggravation]

Example: “I accept that he did suffer from some aggravation of his existing mental health problems.”

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Synonyms of Aggravation

  • nuisanceannoyance
  •  irritationheadache
  • difficultyinconveniencebother

Example: “The Old Woman Winter is like an unexpected out-of-town visitor – you never know when she’s coming, how long she’s going to stay or how much aggravation she’ll cause.”

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“Aggravation meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Aggravation

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