Agent meaning Hindi


“Agent meaning Hindi“: एजेंट (ejent)

Hindi Meaning Agent, Agent meaning in Hindi, Agent – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Agent Hindi. Agent in Hindi.

Agent meaning in Hindi

  • एजेंट (ejent)

Translations English To Hindi Agent

  • एजेंट [agent, buyer]
  • प्रतिनिधि [representative, agent, proxy]
  • जासूस [spy, agent, scourer, fink]


  • This has been confirmed to me by the legal agent acting on my behalf.
  • Communicate with buyers and organic certifying agents concerning GMO contamination issues.
  • For one thing, my Movable Type gatekeeper of comments brings back the focus on my role as an agent in the conversation.
  • Everyone wanted a rave film; agents were telling writers to do a rave film,’ he recalls about the early days of development.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Agent” in English To Hindi


  • आढ़तिया [broker]
  • अढ़तिया [agent]
  • आम मुख्तार [agent]


  • अढ़तिया-संबंधी [agent]

Example: “This investigation, like others, will be conducted by FBI agents and Justice Department officials.”

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Synonyms of Agent

  • author, executor
  • producer, instrument, catalyst

Example: “Undoubtedly, early misplaced concern about possible adverse effects of lipid-lowering agents have contributed.”

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“Agent meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Agent

‘Agent meaning Hindi‘: For the Agent of money and Agent definitions, similar to the translation of Hindi language and Agent with the opposite word. Also, unintentional pronunciation is found in Hindi and English languages.

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