Agency meaning Hindi


“Agency meaning Hindi“: एजेंसी (ejensee)

Hindi Meaning Agency, Agency meaning in Hindi, Agency – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Agency Hindi. Agency in Hindi.

Agency meaning in Hindi

  • एजेंसी (ejensee)

Translations English To Hindi Agency

  • एजेंसी [agency]
  • संस्था [body, Institution, association, concern, commonalty]
  • अभिकर्तृत्व [agency]


  • federal law enforcement agencies.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Agency” in English To Hindi


  • अभिकरण [agency]
  • शाखा [branch, offshoot, influx, department]
  • साधन [instrument, tool, mode, device]
  • आढ़त [agency]

Example: “The treaty was ratified through the agency of a neutral country.”

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Synonyms of Agency

  • intercession, good offices
  • auspices, aegis

Example: “canals carved by the agency of running water.”

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“Agency meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Agency

‘Agency meaning Hindi‘: For the Agency of money and Agency definitions, similar to the translation of Hindi language and Agency with the opposite word. Also, unintentional pronunciation is found in Hindi and English languages.

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