Afraid meaning Hindi


“Afraid meaning Hindi“: डरा हुआ (dara hua)

Hindi Meaning Afraid, Afraid meaning in Hindi, Afraid – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Afraid Hindi. Afraid in Hindi.

Afraid meaning in Hindi

  • बर्दाश्त (bardaasht)

Translations English To Hindi Afraid

  • भयभीत [frightened, scared, apprehensive, planet-struck]
  • डरा हुआ [afraid, Fearful]


  • Payel appeared to be more concerned for the well-being of the other crewmembers than afraid for her own life.
  • Puja was afraid that something might happen to her mum while she wasn’t there.
  • We cannot be afraid of the threat of foreign powers because times are changing.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Afraid” in English To Hindi


  • भयभीत [frightened, scared, apprehensive, planet-struck]
  • डरा हुआ [afraid, Fearful]

Example: “Sanju was always very afraid of death and would have hoped for a miracle.”

Synonyms of Afraid

  • reluctant, hesitant, unwilling,
  • loath, slow, charyd
  • istressed, regretful, apologetic

Example: “Raja said that he was afraid that people would not come and stay around the town if there was a concert.”

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