Affectionate meaning Hindi


“Affectionate meaning Hindi“: स्नेही (snehee)

Hindi Meaning Affectionate, Affectionate meaning in Hindi, Affectionate – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Affectionate Hindi. Affectionate in Hindi.

Affectionate meaning in Hindi

  • स्नेही (snehee)

Translations English To Hindi Affectionate

  • स्नेही [fatherly, kith and kin]
  • प्रेमी [beau, amative]
  • स्नेहशील [fond, affectionate]


  • Puja stroked his hair almost affectionately, though there was no change in his manner.
  • Riya was still affectionate towards the family, but she didn’t warm up to people as easily as she once had.
  • Deba was a man of the marked dignity of character and most affectionate nature.
  • You were lucky to have such affectionate parents.
  • His family affectionately refers to him as the baby.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Affectionate” in English To Hindi


  • प्रीतिमय [affectionate]
  • प्यरा [affectionate]

Example: “That Film was tender and affectionate without being pedantic.”

Synonyms of Affectionate

  • lovingfond
  • devotedcaring
  • tender

Example: “It only takes one or Three treatments and they resume a gentle, affectionate interest in their family.”

“Affectionate meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Affectionate

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