Affection meaning Hindi


“Affection meaning Hindi“: स्नेह (sneh)

Hindi Meaning Affection, Affection meaning in Hindi, Affection – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Affection Hindi. Affection in Hindi.

Affection meaning in Hindi

  • स्नेह (sneh)

Translations English To Hindi Affection

  • स्नेह [friendship]
  • प्रेम [prem, amorousness]
  • मनोवेग [impulse]


  • Puja developed a deep affection for that country and its people.
  • Raja now looks back on those years with great affection.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Affection” in English To Hindi


  • अनुराग [affection, fondness, passion, oestrus]
  • मुहब्बत [mash, love, devotion]
  • भ्रातृभाव [fraternal feeling]
  • प्रणय [amour]

Example: “The three women competed for the affections of the same man.”

Synonyms of Affection

  • warmthdevotion
  • endearmentcare
  • attachment

Example: “Doli felt affection for the wise old lady.”

“Affection meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Affection

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