Affect meaning Hindi


“Affect meaning Hindi“: प्रभावित (prabhaavit)

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Affect meaning in Hindi

  • प्रभावित (prabhaavit)

Translations English To Hindi Affect

  • प्रभावित करना [impress, affect, sway, possess]
  • स्वंग भरना [affect]
  • व्यवहार करना [treat, demean]


  • His decisions could affect the lives of millions of family.
  • The accident will affect the value of the bike.
  • a serious disease primarily affecting women over the age of 30.
  • We were all greatly affected by the terrible news.

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Affect” in English To Hindi


  • ढोंग करना [profess, pretend, feign, affect]
  • असर करना [affect]
  • प्रभाव डालना [subvene]

Example: “the dampness began to affect my girlfriend health.”

Synonyms of Affect

  • bear upon
  • bear on, impact, strike
  • involve

Example: “as usual I affected a supreme unconcern.”

“Affect meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Affect

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