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“Advice meaning Hindi“: सलाह (salaah)

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Advice meaning in Hindi

  • सलाह (salaah)

Translations English To Hindi Advice

  • सलाह [counsel, line, lines]
  • परामर्श [consultation, counsel, rede, inference]
  • सूचना [information]

Example: “Take my advice and sell your old bike.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Advice” in English To Hindi


  • मशवरा [advice, counsel]
  • मंत्रणा [counsel, conspiracy, deliberation]

Example: “My advice is to sell your two years old bike and get a new one.”

Synonyms of Advice

  • opinions, views
  • words of wisdom

Example: “Puja visited the island on her doctor’s advice”

“Advice meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Advice

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