Advertise meaning Hindi


“Advertise meaning Hindi“: विज्ञापन दें (vigyaapan den)

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Advertise meaning in Hindi

  • विज्ञापन दें (vigyaapan den)

Translations English To Hindi Advertise

  • विज्ञापन देना [advertise]

Example: “Recruitment and retention activities are occurring but having no real impact on vacancies being advertised.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Advertise” in English To Hindi


  • विज्ञापन करना [declare]
  • घोषित करना [denote, announce, speak out, advertise]
  • प्रचारित करना [diffuse]

Example: “I wore only a pair of jeans and a t-shirt advertising the fact that I had given blood at the last blood drive.”

Synonyms of Advertise

  • push
  • promote
  • advertize

Example: “Mrs. Deba got the job after the town council advertised the vacancy last summer.”

“Advertise meaning Hindi” Dictionary: Advertise

‘Advertise meaning Hindi‘: For the Advertise of money and Advertise definitions, similar to the translation of Hindi language and Advertise with the opposite word. Also, unintentional pronunciation is found in Hindi and English languages.

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