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Advantages Of Cloth Pads

Most women turn to sanitary pads. There are many reasons to use reusable pads. Reusable sanitary pads are made from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and others. 

The outer layer of these reusable pads is made of waterproof material. Reusable pads absorb and prevent leakage of blood flow. Reusable cloth pad is a great alternative to disposable hygiene pads. There are so many advantages and benefits of cloth pads.

cotton reusable pads

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The advantage of Cloth pads

The advantage of cloth pads is that they are "reusable". Reusable pads are made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

Cloth pads are comfortable

Reusable menstrual pillows are more comfortable compared to disposable sanitary pads. The cloth pad is waterproof, which is more comfortable for women when choosing the upholstery. The cloth pillow is easy to carry around, easy to put in your purse or pocket.

Cloth Pads are hygienic

The cloth pad is hygienic which helps reduce infection, it is more breathable, prevents odors, and prevents rashes. Disposable sanitary pads are made of plastic,  synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic fibers, chlorine, and pesticides that cause allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, and even cancer.

Cloth Pads can save you money

One of the main advantages of cloth pads is that women can save money by using reusable pads. 

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