Adult meaning in Hindi


“Adult meaning in Hindi“: वयस्क (vayask)

Hindi Meaning Adult, Adult – Meaning in Hindi, Meaning Adult Hindi, Adult in Hindi.

Adult – meaning in Hindi

  • वयस्क (vayask)

Translations of Adult

  • वयस्क [adult]
  • बालिग [adult]
  • प्रौढ़ [adult]

Example: “Only adults can purchase alcohol.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Adult” in English


  • वयस्क [adult]
  • प्रौढ़ [adult]
  • बालिग [adult]


  • वयस्क व्यक्ति [adult]
  • आदमी [person]

Example: “the adult inhabitants of the INDIA.”

Synonyms of Adult

  • mature
  • big

Example: “Girl should be accompanied by an adult.”

“Adult meaning in Hindi” Dictionary: Adult

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