Actually meaning in Hindi


“Actually meaning in Hindi“: वास्तव में (vaastav mein)

Actually – meaning in Hindi

  • वास्तव में (vaastav mein)

Translations of Actually

  • वास्तव में [actually, in fact, concretely, in facto]
  • वस्तुत: [actually, virtually, De facto, in sober fact]
  • ठीक-ठीक [accurate]

Example: “In fact, no Marines had actually encountered an enemy yet, spokesmen said.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Actually” in English


  • सचमुच [really, actually, factually, in reality, in sooth]
  • यथार्य में [actually]

Example: “Ram surprised me then by actually seeming to get annoyed about it.”

Synonyms of Actually

  •  literallytruly,
  • indeedin sooth

Example: “I motioned for her to follow me into the barn and was surprised when she actually did.”

“Actually meaning in Hindi” Dictionary: Actually

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