Accuse meaning in Hindi


“Accuse meaning in Hindi“: आरोप (aarop)

Meanings of Accuse in Hindi

  • आरोप (aarop)

Translations of Accuse

  • दोष लगाना [cast a blame upon, decry, spatter]
  • अभियोग लगाना [accuse]

Example: “I also had a Fiesta in the driveway and one of the men accused me of giving him the wrong keys.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Accuse” in English


  • दोषारोपण करना [denounce]
  • अपराधी ठहराना [arraign, sentence]

Example: “to accuse sb of a crime.”

Synonyms of Accuse

  • blame forlay/pin the blame on for
  • hold responsible for

Example: “If they are the accusers, let there be somebody else to act as the judge.”

“Accuse meaning in Hindi” Dictionary: Accuse

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