Accountant meaning in Hindi


“Accountant meaning in Hindi“: मुनीम (muneem)

Meanings of Accountant in Hindi

  • मुनीम (muneem)

Translations of Accountant

  • अकाउंटेंट [accountant]
  • मुनीम [clerk of a merchant]
  • लेखापाल [accountant]

Example: “Money was of no accountant to him.”

Definitions and “Meaning” of “Accountant” in English


  • अकाउंटेंट [accountant]
  • मुनीम [clerk of a merchant]
  • लेखापाल [accountant]

Example: “Bittu visit could not be accounted a success Accountant.”

Synonyms of Accountant

  • bookkeeperCPA
  • certified public accountant,

Example: “Financial control is not as popular with qualified accountants as it used to be.”

“Accountant meaning in Hindi” Dictionary: Accountant

‘Accountant meaning in Hindi‘: For the Accountant of money and Accountant definitions, similar to the translation of Hindi language and Accountant with the opposite word. Also, unintentional pronunciation is found in Hindi and English languages.

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