While there are plenty of summer activities, there are many other things you can do all year round on Belle Isle. You can enjoy the zoo, the fountain, and the Six-lane slide. You can visit the Belle Isle Conservancy to download a great map.

Nature art programs

If you’re looking for a place to take your family for a day of fun and adventure, the city of Detroit’s Belle Isle park is a great choice. Located on five acres at the northeastern tip of the island, this beautiful park is free to visit and is open to the public. If you’re driving to the park, you’ll need a Recreation Passport.

The Belle Isle Nature Center has recently undergone a renovation. The education specialists lead the students on nature walks, record the sounds of the island, and use natural materials in the creation of artwork. Whether they’re looking to learn more about the environment or get inspired to create their own works of art, the staff and volunteers at the center are a great resource.

The nature center is also a great place for families to experience wildlife. There are programs for families that focus on the birds and butterflies of the Detroit area, as well as nature art programs. Visitors can see the hives of the Belle Isle honeybees and take part in neighborhood nature adventures. Although most of these programs are free, you should make advance reservations for them.

The nature art programs on Belle Isle are supported by a number of organizations. The Detroit Zoological Society, the Edward Ginsberg Center, the Belle Isle Nature Center, and the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences all helped make this project possible. It is also funded by the Mcubed 3.0 program and the Detroit Zoological Society.

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a day out with the kids, or an opportunity to learn about the history of the island, the Belle Isle Nature Center has something for everyone. It’s free to visit and has fun activities for kids of all ages. Visitors can also visit the William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse, which was erected in 1930 in honor of the legendary Detroit businessman.

Nature zoo

Located in Belle Isle State Park, the Nature Center at Belle Isle provides outdoor educational and environmental experiences for visitors. The Belle Isle Nature Center is open to the public only during outdoor programming. It provides a wide variety of educational and natural experiences that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

A visit to the Nature Zoo at Belle Isle is free. It is home to many animals, including deer and rainbow trout. There are also nature programs for families that teach children about the natural habitats of Michigan’s wildlife. These programs are aimed at helping families enjoy a day at the zoo.

The Belle Isle Nature Center is the successor to the former Belle Isle Zoo. It’s located on a 982-acre island in the Detroit River. The zoo opened in 1895 on the Belle Isle island. It’s run by the Detroit Zoo System. The Nature Center has more than 900 animals, including a variety of birds, reptiles, and insects.

The nature center has recently undergone a $2.5 million makeover, bringing new exhibits and programs. The new nature center includes an expanded mudpuppy habitat, an interactive sewer tunnel replica, and an area for the conservation of pollinators. The center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission to the Nature Center is free, but visitors must present a Michigan Recreation Passport when driving onto the island.

The Belle Isle Children’s Zoo was renamed Safariland in the 1980s, and operated in conjunction with a nearby conservatory. While it had its share of quirky animal residents, it did experience a tragic event: the escape of a nine-month-old bear. This sparked a public outcry and a “free the bear” campaign. Eventually, the bear was released into the wild.

Six-lane slide

This summer, the Belle Isle Park giant slide has reopened after a COVID pandemic shut it down earlier this year. The slide will now be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Friday through Sunday. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is providing staff to run the slide. The state is also partnering with a nonprofit called Healthy Kidz Inc., to provide summer employment for kids interested in parks and natural resources.

The giant slide at Belle Isle Park is back for a few weeks, and it will be open for $1 per person. The slide was closed in 2016 because of COVID-19 fears, but workers have reopened it after undergoing repairs. The slide has been re-waxed, so it should slow people down as they slide.

The park’s Department of Natural Resources employee will explain the proper way to ride the slide. First, make sure that there are no obstructed areas, and that you hold onto the bag while sliding. Then, lean forward when the employee says it is time. Several other riders may try the slide as well.

Despite the recent safety concerns, the giant slide at Belle Isle Park isn’t broken. In fact, Michael McDonald wrote a song about it, based on his experience with it. It was originally constructed in 1967 and closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was recently re-opened after a speed adjustment.

Since the slide has undergone such a lengthy hiatus, the public has rallied to make it safe for everyone. The video was shared online and has received more than 10 million views since its release on Saturday. Gmac Cash, a Detroit native, has gone viral in the past with other songs based on news events. He didn’t originally plan to make a song about the giant slide, but it has become a hit.


The James Scott Memorial Fountain in Belle Isle Michigan is a large fountain that was designed by architect Cass Gilbert and sculptor Herbert Adams. It was finished in 1925 at a cost of $500,000. Its lower bowl is 510 feet across, and the central spray is 125 feet high. You can visit this site if you visit the city of Detroit.

The Fountain in Belle Isle Michigan was reactivated on Friday ahead of the Detroit Grand Prix. The fountain has a history of delighting Detroiters of all ages. It takes three cycles to refill, consuming about one million pounds of water. The fountain is operated by three primary pumps. Many visitors flock to the area just to see it.

The James Scott Memorial Fountain in Belle Isle Michigan is a great place to visit when visiting the city of Detroit. Despite its small size, this park is filled with historical and cultural attractions. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, and the Belle Isle Nature Center are just a few of the things you can visit on Belle Isle. The park is a great place for a picnic or a stroll.

The James Scott Memorial Fountain is one of the most visited attractions on Belle Isle. The park is open all year, so if you’re visiting during the summer months, you can take advantage of the outdoor concerts and other events that take place there. It’s also a great venue for weddings and family reunions.

You can also check out the nearby nature zoo, which is another great place to see wildlife on Belle Isle. This is a small but fascinating offshoot of the Detroit Zoo, and it offers many activities for kids and adults alike. The animals at the zoo are native to the area, such as birds and chipmunks.


If you’re looking for a beautiful beach in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. Belle Isle Beach is a state park, and you can hike or bike through it free of charge. You can also purchase a recreation passport, which is good for all state parks in Michigan. You can get one when you renew your driver’s license, or you can buy a day pass for $9. However, be aware that you’ll have to leave your dog at home at the entrance to the park.

Belle Isle’s beach is a great place for families to go swimming. The beach is one-quarter mile long and offers facilities like showers and locker rooms. The beach is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, so you’ll never be short on time for a swim. The beach is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

While the island is known for its summer months, it is worth visiting all year round. The warm water and gorgeous scenery make it a great spot to visit no matter what time of year. You can even go canoeing or kayaking to get up close to nature. You can rent a kayak and paddle around the island to take in the scenery and explore the different areas of the park.

While you’re on Belle Isle, don’t miss the William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse, which is located on the northeast tip of the island. This lighthouse was named for William Livingstone, who was an important figure in Great Lakes shipping. The lighthouse was designed by architect Albert Kahn. Belle Isle also features a public beach and two museums: the Great Lakes Museum and the Aquarium.

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