Things to Do in McGregor, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa is a city in Clayton County, Iowa. It has a population of 742 as of the 2020 census. It’s located on the Mississippi River, across from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Nearby attractions include Pike’s Peak State Park, Art Museum, and Caverns & Caves.

Discovery Center

If you are in search of some family fun in McGregor, Iowa, you have come to the right place. The McGregor Museum is an excellent place to visit. It is located at the town’s downtown and promotes public education and research. It offers educational programs and events, and is supported through ticket sales, memberships, fundraisers, and donations.

The museum has been around for a long time. It has a Facebook page and website that tell you more about the museum’s history. It is also the location where the trampoline was invented. If you are interested in history, this museum is an excellent place to visit. And if you are in the mood for a family adventure, you can check out the museum’s website.

Visitors can also check out the Prairie Rose Carousel, a hand-painted German carousel. They can also visit the Clinton Engines Museum, which has many Civil War-era engines. And if you are a bookworm, the McGregor Public Library contains over 100,000 books.

Art Museum

McGregor, Iowa has a long and rich history. The town was founded by Alexander MacGregor, and was the birthplace of Andrew Clemens, an artist known for the lost art of sand painting. The town was also home to the Ringling family, which later built the famous circus.

Caverns & Caves

Spook Cave is a flooded cave located in rural Clayton County, Iowa. It is a privately owned tourist attraction that offers boat rides into the cave. It was discovered in 1953 and opened for business in 1955. Visitors can explore its stunning stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the enchanting underground world inside.

Tours are available from May through October daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The tour typically lasts around 20 minutes, but it can take up to an hour on weekends. The cave is approximately 750,000 years old and is filled with underground formations and an impressive 90-foot chimney. Guides will point out different geological features and share their knowledge about the caves.

If you’re looking for a cool getaway from the heat, Iowa caves are the perfect place to go. The temperature inside most caves hovers around 45 degrees year-round. Most caves are only accessible via boat, so you will need to be prepared for the cold. The Iowa Cavern System is a sixteen-mile underground network that is the largest in the Upper Midwest and the 33rd largest in the country.

If you’re looking for a fun place to take a family, visit Spook Cave in McGregor, Iowa. This privately owned show cave and campground is located along the Bloody Run in McGregor. A 40-minute boat tour takes adventurers through the cave, where tongue-in-cheek humor, hand painted signs, and a scripted narrative make for a memorable tour.

National Park

The Twin Suspension Bridges in McGregor, Iowa, connect the states of Iowa and Wisconsin. This park offers many man-made facilities, including a playground, shower facilities, and camping. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic trails and mountain biking. This park has something to offer everyone.

The city of McGregor is located near the Mississippi River. The town’s name comes from Alexander McGregor, who established a ferry to cross the river. In 1837, a local farmer named Mrs. Munn inherited her family’s land. In her will, Mrs. Munn designated a portion of the land for a state park. Congress later conveyed the land to the State of Iowa. The area became Point Ann State Park in 1935. Pikes Peak State Park is a popular destination for hikers, and the area is surrounded by natural beauty.

Golf course

The golf course at Finkbine in McGregor, Iowa was named after W.O. Finkbine and is an 18-hole course that includes a driving range. It is located on 200 acres of rolling Iowa terrain. It is owned by the University of Iowa Athletic Department and is home to the university’s golf team. Troon Golf, LLC manages the course.

Dining options

When visiting McGregor, Iowa, you can try one of many dining options. For a casual dining experience, you may want to try the Backwoods Café. This restaurant has a down-home feel and a fun atmosphere. The building looks like seven small buildings on the outside, but it’s actually one big building in three connected sections.

Rivertown Fine Books

If you love old books and antiques, you should visit Rivertown Fine Books & Antiques in McGregor, Iowa. This used book store has a huge selection of antique and contemporary books, as well as children’s books. The owner, John Malcom, began collecting books when he was working as a corporate pilot. This hobby eventually turned into a rewarding career.

While it isn’t a large bookstore, Rivertown Fine Books is home to an impressive collection. Owner John Malcom says he has more than 40,000 books on his shelves. His inventory includes rare and signed books, as well as documents, early 19th century maps, and more. He also sells handmade housewares and children’s books, and has three floors of merchandise.


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