Top 5 Songs About Outlaws

When it comes to songs about outlaws, there are many choices. There are songs that are about the hard life that outlaws led, and there are songs that are about the love that they lost. The great Woody Guthrie wrote a number of songs about outlaws, and one of his sons, Arlo, played Gypsy Davy on his album Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys.

Freeborn Man

Freeborn Man is a surprisingly progressive song by The Outlaws, and stands out from the rest of the band’s catalog. It features a catchy hook, cool rhythmic guitar playing, and sweet Eagles-style vocals. It even echoes the classic “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” by The Allman Brothers Band. The song was released in 1976 on the classic Outlaws album, Lady In Waiting.

This song starts out with acapella vocals, but quickly transitions into a sweet acoustic arrangement. The resulting sound fit well on early AM and FM radio. Released on the Outlaws’ second album, Lady in Waiting, in May 1976, the song featured a signature dual-guitar sound. It was later included on the 1977 album Hurry Sundown.

‘Cry Some More’

The Outlaws have released an album titled Playin’ to Win. ‘Cry Some More’ is one of the songs on this album. It lasts for about three minutes and forty seconds. It was written by founding member Hughie Thomasson and was the second track on the album.

‘Whiskey River’

‘Whiskey River’ is based on the Outlaw Country genre and was performed by country icon Willie Nelson. The song is part of a series of “Outlaws” recordings. It is one of the most well-known songs in this genre and will certainly please fans of country music.

Written by Johnny Bush and Paul Stroud, ‘Whiskey River’ made its debut on Willie Nelson’s 1973 album Shotgun Willie. It went on to become a country music classic, reaching the Top 15 on the Billboard chart. Unfortunately, Bush suffered from a rare vocal disorder at the height of the song’s popularity, and so had to re-record the song in 1981. Nevertheless, the song remains one of Nelson’s best-known songs and has become an important part of his live performances.

The Outlaw movement was born out of a group of artists who challenged the producer-run country music industry. These artists referred to themselves as ‘Outlaws’ and demanded creative control over their music. Jennings was one of the first Outlaws to take on this challenge. His 1972 album, Lonesome, On’ry, and Mean, characterized an Outlaw as a violent man.

The Outlaw movement was not entirely successful in Nashville. However, Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, a concept album, soon became a staple of Outlaw country music. This album featured the hit single ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’. The song tells the story of a preacher who has been murdered, and wanders the mountains after his wife disappeared. He ends up in Denver after killing a woman who tried to touch his horse. Eventually, he finds love in the woman he has met while on his journey.

‘A Song For You’

Released in 1975, ‘A Song For You’ by The Outlaws is one of their most popular tracks. The song was written by Hughie Thomasson and is the second track on the band’s debut album, Bring It Back Alive. It features a rousing guitar solo and minor-key verses. Originally a single, the song has since been covered by many artists. It has received over nine million views on YouTube.

In the 1970s, the Outlaws were one of the most popular bands in the southern rock genre. Although they didn’t have many crossover hits, their reputation grew, allowing them to tour the country and earn national attention. While they weren’t as popular with younger listeners as other southern rock groups, they continued to produce albums full of brilliant songs.

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