Best Places to Visit in Creola, Alabama

If you are planning a vacation in Creola, you should know the average weather in Creola, Alabama. Typical Creola weather includes rain, temperature, and wind speed. However, the weather can also be a bit unpredictable. Here is some information to help you decide when the best time to go to Creola.

Typical weather in Creola

The typical weather in Creola varies considerably throughout the year. The average monthly rainfall is 5.5 inches, while the average amount of snowfall is less than two inches. The rainiest months of the year are July and August, which each average 17.9 days with at least 0.04 inches of rain. The driest months are June and October, with a monthly average of 6.6 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Wind is an important factor in Creola’s climate. Its average wind speed varies throughout the year, with a peak in September and a trough in May. Wind speeds in Creola typically exceed four miles per hour during the windiest months. However, the calmer part of the year lasts only 4.3 months.

The hottest month in Creola is July, with an average temperature of 91degF. During the cool season, temperatures are moderate and rarely drop below 25degF. The coldest month of the year is February. The temperatures in Creola are moderate, and tourists should consider this before making plans to visit this small town.

Creola receives 67 inches of rain annually. It gets 0 inches of snow. It receives around 215 sunny days per year. Typical Creola Alabama weather is temperate, with a high chance of rain in July and a low chance of rain in October.

The shortest day in Creola is December 21. The longest day is June 21. The hottest month is July. The day length is 14 hours, nine minutes. The length of the day is a key factor in Creola’s climate. The length of daylight varies from month to month, and the length of the day depends on the amount of sun exposure and cloud cover.

Typical monthly rainfall in Creola

Typical monthly rainfall in Creola, AL varies considerably depending on the time of year. The wettest month is July, followed by October. In total, Creola receives 67.3 inches of rainfall annually. The driest month is April. For both of these months, temperatures rarely fall below 25 degrees F or rise above 97 degrees F.

The growing season in Creola lasts for 8.3 months, or 256 days. It rarely starts earlier than February 9 and ends later than December 10. The shortest growing season lasts until October 30 and ends in December 10. The wettest month is July, with 56% of days being cloudy.

Typical monthly rainfall in Creola, AL varies based on elevation and the type of vegetation present. During the muggier months, temperatures are comfortable for at least 27% of the day. July experiences 29.7 muggy days, while February only experiences 1.2. Depending on the topography of the area, the wind can be intense or moderate. Unlike hourly averages, daily wind speeds can vary widely, sometimes by a factor of 100.

The average commute time for Creola, AL residents is 30 minutes. Nearly all residents commute by car to work. Walking is not common and public transportation is rarely used. In addition, Creola residents are most likely to drive to work instead of relying on public transportation.

In terms of property values, Creola, AL has a median property value of $133,500. This is significantly higher than the state median of $772 and the national median of $1,023. However, in terms of homeownership, Creola residents are more likely to own their homes.

Typical monthly temperature in Creola

What is the typical monthly temperature in Creola, Alabama? The weather in Creola varies throughout the year, with the wettest months being July and the driest months being April. The total number of rainy days in Creola is 116.4 per year. This makes it one of the rainiest places in Alabama. During the summer, there is a 20% chance that it will rain. The typical amount of snowfall per year in Creola is less than an inch, but it’s still enough to determine the average rainfall.

Typically, the average monthly temperature in Creola, Alabama is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are many factors that can influence the actual temperature in Creola. Because of the varying topography of the area, wind speeds will vary widely from day to day. If you are visiting this Alabama city during one of these months, you’ll want to check the weather forecast carefully.

The average length of the day in Creola, Alabama is 12 hours, 1 minute. The shortest day of the year is December 21. The longest day, meanwhile, is June 30. It’s worth noting that the city observes daylight saving time starting in 2022. The time change occurs from March 13 to November 6, and it lasts for 7.8 months.

The average monthly rainfall in Creola, Alabama is about 5.5 inches, with rainfall typically falling throughout the year. The wettest month is July, with an average of 17.9 days of rain alone. Rain alone, which is the most common form of precipitation in Creola, has a peak probability of 60 percent on July 26.

The median household income in Creola, AL is $52,679. The median age for residents is 36.4 years. Compared to the average state, Creola residents pay lower taxes than the national average. In Creola, AL, the average per capita state tax collections are just $2,262.

Typical monthly wind speed in Creola

Wind speed in Creola, Alabama varies over the course of the year. During the windier part of the year, between September 27 and May 19, the average speed is over 4.8 miles per hour. During the calmer part of the year, from May 19 to September 27, the average wind speed is less than 4.3 miles per hour. The direction of the average hourly wind also varies throughout the year.

Creola experiences little snowfall from March through December. It’s usually sunny and warm during these months. The average Creola day lasts 12 hours and 11 minutes. Creola observes Daylight Saving Time (DST) starting on Sunday, March 13, 2022, and ending on November 6, 2022.

Depending on the source, the Creola, Alabama weather report might not be completely accurate. The weather stations in the area can contribute to the estimate. However, the differences in elevation between these stations must be taken into account. Also, the data used for this report is weighted according to the number of nearby stations and the distance between them.

The wettest and driest months in Creola, Alabama are July and April, with 116.4 rainy days per year. Although Creola is one of the wettest places in Alabama, it does not experience significant snowfall. There are two hundred and sixty-seven sunny days in Creola each year.

The monthly rainfall in Creola varies significantly over the course of the year. It typically varies between 5.5 and 3.3 inches. During the wetter season (June 6 to August 31), the likelihood of rainfall exceeds 40%. During the drier season (June 6 to October), however, the probability is lower. The coolest month in Creola is February.

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